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In the 19th century the area became important with the building of Portmadoc (now Porthmadog). From this small port Welsh slate was exported all over the world. Many of the small schooners and brigs and larger square riggers (out of Liverpool) were owned, commanded and crewed by men from the Criccieth area.

At this time the turnpike road was built through the area. This was an attempt at making a direct route through to Porthdinllaen where a ferry port for the Irish trade was planned. (It did not materialise).

This road passed half a mile to the north of the seashore and it gradually shifted the centre of the town away from beneath the castle.

In1867 the Cambrian Coast railway came to Criccieth and the town expanded (though there's still a population of less than 2,000 today) to become a Victorian seaside resort. This is how it still appears. The seafront houses on the west side of the castle at Marine Crescent were built around this time, quickly followed by the main Marine Terrace in the 1870s and 80s.

Criccieth has always been a popular place with many families returning year after year for their holidays. It has always been a tranquil sleepy place, well loved by its inhabitants.